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Apicola Rossend Margalef is a young company, with will of service, which complements the production of honey and swarms, with the selection of beekeeping products as honey, bee pollen, etc.

Mediterranean honey Naturally

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Terres de l’Ebre: Biosphere Reserve

Terres de l'Ebre: Biosphere Reserve In 1971, UNESCO launched the MaB (Man and Biosphere) program, selecting representative geographic zones for the different habitats of the world, to bring awareness of the sustainable development concept. These zones are known as...

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CCPAE (Ecological certificate)

CCPAE is the supervisory authority of Catalonia and its function is to audit and certify organic food products of this territory.. The Catalan Council of the Organic Production (CCPAE) is a public corporation with legal personality. This corporation is supported by...

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