Apícola Rossend Margalef

At the service of beekeeping

Apícola Rossend Margalef is a beekeeping company with vast experience in the industry and that is eager to serve, complementing the different facets of honey production and swarms, also offering beekeeping material, pollen, honey in honeycombs, royal jelly, vinegar with honey and other natural products. We are a beekeeping company at the service of beekeeping.
We are beekeepers by tradition and heritage. Our grandfather already developed this activity disposing of the means and local knowledge of that era, carrying out transhumance from one flowering to the next.
Back in 1977, we decided to boost beekeeping with more impetus and turn it into our main activity. All these years, we have been working to create a leading company in the sector and produce high quality honey in order to satisfy the most demanding palates.

Growth and experience

Today, we have 3,000 beehives in transhumance regime, on the track of the different flowerings.
Given the growing demand that our high quality honey has experienced, we have embarked on a process of improving our storage and packaging facilities, ensuring, as always, the traceability of our honey. In addition, we have implemented new systems that respect the quality of honey.

Internationally renowned honey

We currently market our product both nationally and internationally. Our honey is gaining international recognition as a completely natural and high quality product. So much so that international sales now account for more than 60% of our turnover.
We produce and select various honeys such as rosemary, orange, high altitude (Pyrenees), thyme and other varieties. Depending on the weather, we annually produce between 60,000 kg and 90,000 kg of high quality honey.
We also select honey from other beekeepers in order to meet customer demand.