Terres de l'Ebre: Biosphere Reserve

Terres de l'Ebre: Biosphere Reserve

In 1971, UNESCO launched the MaB (Man and Biosphere) program, selecting representative geographic zones for the different habitats of the world, to bring awareness of the sustainable development concept. These zones are known as Biosphere Reserves.
The Biosphere Reserves are regions with the purpose of harmonizing the preservation of the biological and cultural diversity and the economical and social development through the relationship between people and nature. They're established on ecologically representative or unique areas, in lands, coasts and underwater, in which the integration of human population and its activities with the preservation are essential.

The Reserves are also a place for study and experimentation for the sustainable development, and they have to achieve three basical functions designated by UNESCO.

Terres de l'Ebre hold an important amount of biodiversity. It's location, the combination of structure and morphology and the variating topography are the reasons for this range of landscapes, habitats and wildlife. In little more than 30 kilometers, the altitude goes from sea level to 1,500 metres high.

The proposal of Biosphere Reserve for Terres de l'Ebre is a project linked to the natural heritage and, from the preservation function, it has a triple vocation:

-Contribuir al impulso de la actual gestión de los espacios y bienes naturales y la conservación de la biodiversidad, coordinando y cohesionando diferentes políticas y planes de acción y facilitando la disponibilidad de recursos técnicos y económicos.

-Integrar la matriz agraria en las políticas de conservación, porque estas contribuyan a impulsar socioeconómicamente espacios humanizados protegidos por sus características ambientales.

-Y, finalmente, en el contexto del cambio climático, unir esfuerzos en el estudio y análisis pluridisciplinario y transversal, a escala local, para la mitigación de los eventuales efectos derivados a las Tierras del Ebro, uno de los territorios más sensibles de la mediterránea.

Optimal strategies for the sustainable development related to the dynamization of the agricultural and tourist sectors. This means the ambiental, cultural, regional and agrarian resources will be used as a boost for other products and activities' progress. Working together and coordinated to build the values of the economy and society. These actions are meant for the transition areas.

Logistical support.
The Biosphere Reserve must be a boost to the constitution of a knowledge pool regarding to the climate change and the protection and consciousness towards the biodiversity. This is a relevant knowledge field, as the Delta de l'Ebre is really vulnerable to the effects of the climate change (specially because of the sea level's rise and the changes in the sea and river currents), and the biodiversity heritage of the region could be damaged by this.