The lands of the Ebro are rich for the cultivation of many products. The excellent rice , the wines, the oils and also the honey, find their best land on the banks of the Ebro. In this natural environment of great environmental value we discover the beekeeping company Rossend Margalef that joins the tradition with the most respectful technology to achieve an exceptional honey. In addition, this company Tarragona is recognized among beekeepers for beekeeping products that market as pollen, royal jelly or honeycomb honey, and supplies of apicultural material for other beekeepers.
-What were the first steps of apiculture Rossend Margalef? Does the passion for beekeeping come from yout family?


-The taste for this trade comes to me by family tradition. My grandfather worked as a beekeeper at the local level making transhumance to the orange crops in Castellón. Of course, he used the means of the time and combined this activity with other agricultural work, but he has already paved the way in this sector.
For my part, I started in beekeeping at the age of 24 when I was able to have my first hives from which we grew gradually. At present we have about 3,000 hives in transhumance regime.

In Comercial Apícola Rossend Margalef we are currently working on the IFS certification that certify the safety and quality of the products
They are defined as “a beekeepers ‘ company at the service of beekeeping”.

-What are the most representative products that form your catalogue?
-We sell food products  and cosmetics, and also beekeeping supplies to the beekeepers, we provide everything that they need for their exploitation.
As for the product of sale to the final consumer, the most representative is the honey in its different varieties, for example, we produce Rosemary, orange, mountain, lemon, thyme honey, etc., always respecting the natural processes and aiming in a craft way.

-Cosmetics is another important sector for honey production. Do you think you will have great potential for you for the next few years?
-The main thing for us will continue to be the production of beekeeping products and supplies of apicultural material for other beekeepers, although it is true that the consumer shows a greater interest in these natural cosmetic products.  The customer is more and more demanding and values the artisan and natural products because they care for their health.

-You export your products to different parts of the world, do they have foresight to continue increasing this international presence?
-The increase in our presence abroad will depend on the harvests. The last few years the crops have not been good, so we can not offer as much product as we would like to our customers. Climate change with great droughts and the rainy seasons or  diseases clearly affect nature and therefore also our production.


Author: La Vanguardia