Due to a dry summer and the high temperatures of these last months and days, and despite the rain, the adequate conditions for the flowering of the flower of the heather of winter have not been met. Climate change is affecting and this factor is causing that, this year, the collection originating from this shrub is delayed and cannot be collected at the expected time. That is, in autumn.

The winter heather, as its name indicates, is a variation of the heather family, and therefore it is a type of shrub that is found in dry scrubs, clear forests, rocky places and in calcareous soils. This species can be found throughout the Catalan Coast (Coast of Tarragona and Barcelona) between 0 and 1000 meters of altitude.

Its bell-shaped flowers are pink, very numerous and appear grouped in branches at the peak of the branch. Winter heather (Erica Multiflora) blooms during the autumn and can also do so until winter. The climate that this shrub requires is warm temperatures and high mild humidity without heavy frosts.