Our history

Comercial Apícola Rossend Margalef

Serving the beekeeping

Comercial Apícola Rossend Margalef is a beekeeping company with long experience within this labor field. It has a service ethos which complements its production of Honey and bee nuclei with the selection and retailing of beekeeping products. We are a company of beekeepers at the service of beekeeping.

We are beekeepers by tradition and heritage, our grandfather developed this activity with his times’ tools and locally, making transhumances to nearby orange blooms border with the province of Castellon, combining with the farm work.

In 1977, we decided to give our business a boost and turn beekeeping into our main activity. During all these years we have worked to create a reference company in the sector and produce honey of high quality to satisfy the most demanding palates.

Growth and experience

We currently manage 3000 hives on a transhumant basis following the various spring blooms. They go from the wintering grounds on the coast of Tarragona and Barcelona to the rosemary fields of Lleida and the orchards of Mollerusa and finally spend the summer in the Pyrenees, producing mountain honey. We produce and select honey from different mediterranean nectars: rosemary honey, orange, mountain (Pyrenees), thyme, and many other varieties of honey.

Due to the increasing demand of natural honey as well as high quality products, we are improving every process in our facilities such as bottling and incorporation of a friendly system which helps to preserve our honey’s biological qualities. All these processes help us to promote the product both at a national and at international level.

Good honey worldwide

The company is making a huge effort to increase its presence in different countries, which has been highly rewarded since the international sales exceed 60% of the total amount.

We produce and select rosemary honey, orange blossom, mountain (Pyrenees), thyme, and many other varieties. Depending on the weather, we produce between 60,000kg and 90,000kg of high quality honey per year.

We also select honeys from other beekeepers to satisfy our customers’ demands.