Royal jelly. It's a fair yellow viscous mass with acid flavor. According to several researches, the royal jelly has a stimulating effect, improves the hability to focus and boosts the energy levels, and its nutrients make it able to reinforce the body's defenses against external agressions. For this reason, many people consume it during season changes to avoid illnesses and infections. Its effects are:
  • It normalizes the metabolic processes.
  • It increases the vitality, the longevity, the hunger and the resistance to cold and fatigue.
  • It helps regenerate the body's tissues.
  • It delays the skin's aging and improves the hydration and elasticity and alleviatess skin problems.
  • It raises the content of haemoglobin, leukocytes, glucose and red globules in the blood and stimulates the circulation.
  • It improves the body's resistance to illnesses and stress.
Daily dose for adults: 0.5g. Place under the tongue.