Honey cake

Honey cake


  • 500ml olive oil
  • 75 ml anisette
  • 75ml mistela
  • 400ml honey
  • flour
  • zest of a lemon

Solid base:

Mix 125ml olive oil, 75ml anisette and 75ml mistela and add flour until you get a thick base. Spread on an oven tray with high edges, previously prepared with oil to prevent the cake from sticking to it. Cover the edges with the base too.

Preheat the oven to 180ºC.


Mix 375ml olive oil with flour until you get a thick paste (but not as thick as the first one), and add the lemon zest. Spread over the base and put it in the oven.

When the top gets a light brown color, remove it from the oven and pour the honey over the surface (the cake will take it up). The amount of honey will depend on the cake, so you might need some more or less than expected.


Posted on

19 June, 2017