The buyer, who wishes to buy a product must obligatorily:

Fill in your online order voucher by providing all references of selected products and make the payment under the conditions provided in the “payments” section.

Buyers, non-professional individuals, have a withdrawal period of seven days from the date of delivery of their order to return the product to the seller for exchange or without penalty, except for return costs. In order to understand as much as possible the wishes of the consumer and to respond to that in a positive way we will explain the reason for their dissatisfaction.

Only products returned in their original packaging, intact and in resale status will be accepted. Any damaged product and whose packaging will have been damaged will not be changed or refunded.

In case of damage during transport, the motivated protest must be formulated to the carrier at the time the goods are delivered. Delivery times are given for indicative purposes only; If these exceed thirty days from the order, the contract of sale may be terminated and the buyer reimbursed.