In recent weeks at Apícola Rossend we have suffered attacks by the Goliath bear in our hives located in the Pyrenees. In its multiple attacks the brown bear has destroyed 23 hives, with the consequent death of its swarms in two different locations. This situation has forced us to install electric fences to avoid new attacks and damage.

The area of ​​the Pyrenees is inhabited by the bear since the summer of 2016, at which time it was released in the Natural Park of the High Pyrenees, specifically in the forest, its preferred habitat for refuge.

Despite this, since then it has attacked on multiple farms causing losses of livestock and destruction of private property. Not even the satellite collar he is wearing to be able to geolocate him has prevented the animal from destroying it, also in the Community of Aragon or in France. The discomfort of farmers and Pyrenean farmers is increasing because new attacks of the animal are expected due to the voracity shown in recent times.

Unfortunately it seems that we will have to live with this problem. The affected, people who work as farmers, beekeepers or ranchers do not deserve this situation and we are also tied to an administration that is passive in the face of the facts.

If people who live in rural environments are getting obstacles, in the end we will have an accelerated depopulation in the Pyrenees. It is necessary to sensitize the population and political entities to act and avoid more conflicts and problems that ultimately affect the workers who want to offer a quality product and that before the introduction of the Goiat bear we could work without fear to an unexpected attack.