At Christmas day and the Three Wise Men night everyone likes giving and receiving presents. But sometimes we doubt about the likes of the recipient and this can cause us a worry when we have to choose a good article to offer our most beloved beings.

At Apícola Rossend we want to make it easier for you to choose gifts this Christmas. A good assortment of honey could be a good solution when we have to choose between as many possibilities as it would be sweetness, naturalness and the possibility of sharing unique moments.

Imagine an assortment of honey from Thyme, honey of chestnut and honey from the Pyrenees. The chestnut and honey from the Pyrenees will offer you sweetness with salty notes, ideal for those who like contrasts. The thyme also offers this duality at the same time that it gives you malted aromatic notes.

Lote de miel

For people with more personality, lime honey would be a good option. Its acidity and intense aroma will delight it. A good honeycomb of heather honey, full of presence and with a persistent forest aroma and also with acid touches, would be another alternative.

The aroma, texture and elegant aspects of honey “Cap d’Ase” together with the intensity of Honey one thousand flowers can be the perfect combination to offer to sophisticated people or also for someone very special.

Miel de Mil Flores

Or you could imagine the Lemon, Forest and lime pack for those who like the variety and change aromas and flavors but always enjoy some fresh notes.

Regala Miel

We want to make it really easy, for this reason, we have designed several lots to make a good gift to those people who make your life sweeter. All the lots come with an elegant packaging. In addition, you can also make your choice of honeys if you prefer.

Also our cosmetic articles can help you finish rounding out a special and natural assortment as a gift proposal that combines healthy eating and body care. Soaps, gels, masks or lip protectors can be added to Apicola Rossend’s honeys so that you become someone more unforgettable for your gifts with personality.

Apícola Rossend wishes you good Christmas and better entry to 2020.